About the Photographer

Decades of travel around our globe have unlocked for me an endless source of delight, and ignited an enduring awe for the beauty that surrounds us in so many forms and at so many moments in time.

The camera has extended my inner eye, making it possible to capture, reveal and share the delights of our planet. What a privilege! But my travels have also highlighted to me the fragility of mankind’s relationship with the planet – it seems to be so easy to harm or ignore what we do not know or understand.

So if these images inspire you in any way, if they bring acknowledgement and appreciation in areas previously unrecognised, if they help share a message of wonder, then perhaps we can all look forward to a more balanced approach to our treatment of the world around us and to the preservation of the precious. At the very least, I hope that they showcase the magic that impacts me so strongly wherever I am, whenever that might happen to be.

Christine Bull